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A Parklet, from Start to …

It’s not spring, but change is in the air at Syzygy.  For years we’ve operated under the enormously crushing weight of our decrepit non-parking parking lot.  Yes, that’s correct, it’s a parking lot, that you cannot park in.  For reasons long forgotten, lost to the blurring effect of history and our feeble memories the space is off limits to motor vehicles large and small.  And so, with great patience, we begin transforming the space into a beautiful parklet.  Check out the pictures below and follow along with our odyssey.

Goodbye asphalt, goodbye

Goodbye asphalt, goodbye


There’s no going back now


Oh the sandbox of my youth calls out to me.

Monday mornings bring a new Syzygy Tile work week, a refreshed sense
of purpose and a bouquet from Blythe’s garden to brighten the day.
Need I say more. Enjoy!

Summer flowers before there gone

Summer flowers before there gone

Syzygy Tile Components in Sketchup

Hello Everyone,

I’m late with this post, I think I previously said this post would be up a week after the previous article.  Let’s just say I keep a loose definition of ‘a week’.

So after much work, multiple recordings, and uploading issues I am ready to present our first training video on using Syzygy components in Sketchup.

You can see this post for details, or use this link to download the zip file used in the video.

Please, leave a comment and let me know how this worked.

Introduction to Sketchup

Hello, everyone. I am going to be offering a series of blog posts, videos and content centered around the design program Sketchup. To those of you who are not familiar with with the 3-D design software Sketchup, I would like to offer an introduction. I find Sketchup to be simple to use and yet quite powerful.

You can use it to create a rough sketch of a design, like I did here for a fireplace using the Celeste pattern from our Sygma collection. (Click on an image to enlarge – press “ESC” to make it go away.)

Fireplace in "Celeste" 4x4's

With a bit more work, you can create color documents that present a much better sense of the design than you might have had using just color samples and your imagination.


A more detailed color sketch of a stairway landing

A more detailed color sketch of a stairway landing

This post provides a quick glimpse of what is possible with Sketchup and gives you links for installing and getting started.  For those of you who already use Sketchup, there is a link to download our Components library or you can search the 3D Warehouse, a online repository of models other Sketchup users have made – more on that in the next post.  Future posts will offer more detail about how to use Syzygy tile in your Sketchup model and will also cover a variety of advanced tasks.

Let’s get started…

First, a link for installing “Sketchup Make,” the free version of software.  A more advanced version, Sketchup Pro, is required if you want to create multi-page presentations or to-scale construction documents.  See this article for instructions and a link to download the basic version, Sketchup Make.   Next, learn the basics – I’d love to say that I am the greatest at teaching Sketchup, but I’m not, so let us defer to the wiser minds, and watch these four videos.  The videos are about 10 minutes each and will help you learn the basics.  You can also assume that you already know enough and skip ahead to the next post – Setting up Syzygy Components Library and the 3D Warehouse.

  1. Getting Started – Part 1
  2. Getting Started – Part 2
  3. Getting Started – Part 3
  4. Getting Started – Part 4

Again, for those of you who know Sketchup you can use this link to download the Syzygy Tile Components and have the most common Syzygy tiles and patterns already drawn up and ready to model !

Welcome to The Syzygy Blog

Hello and welcome to the new Syzygy Tile Blog!

We’ve created this space to share with you the many adventures we have in making your tile.  We look forward to sharing our tips, caveats, adventures, mishaps and mischief with all of you.