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Syzygy Tile on Google Streetview

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share a moment we had here at Syzygy Tile several months ago.  We, the front office staff, were working hard when we noticed the Google Streetview car drive down the street.  I sighed, thinking we had missed our chance to photo-bomb our image on Google maps.  But, just as the despair began to settle upon us, around the corner came the car for a second drive-by.  This time we were ready, and raced out in front of the store to attempt to make complete fools of ourselves.  Even the Googler driving the car gave us a look that said, “Really?”.  We ask not for your judgement, only your amusement.

Syzygy as seen by Google Streetview

Dedicated !

We decided that we needed to BBQ for our last company meeting.  So we got out the barbeque grills and bought some hamburgers and told everyone that lunch was on the company.

Too bad no one told mother nature…

BBQ'ing in the rain and hail

Yes, it is hailing and raining