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Custom Color Matching

One of the most exciting things happening at Syzygy lately has been the increased interest in custom color matching.  We have been sent samples of everything from the home: stone, fabric, paint and, of course, tile.  This service hasn’t been well advertised, but that hasn’t stopped designers from requesting it.  In fact, we have received so many requests that we’ve recently invested in acquiring more stains and other glaze ingredients.  Now we are even better equipped to find just the color, texture and finish that you’re looking for.

A few of the many ingredients used

A few of the many ingredients used

The first step in the process is to send us a sample of the color you want to match.  As always, the more info you can give us, the better!  We will spend the next week or so testing and retesting to find the right mix of ingredients to match your sample.  Once we are satisfied that we are as close as we can get, we will select a range of results and send them to you for review and approval. While the results may not always be exact, the overwhelming majority of custom color match requests lead directly to orders being placed.

A sampling of our custom color results

A sampling of our custom color results

Our success can be directly attributed to Addie, our glaze department lead, and Joslin, who mixes all of our glazes.  Before these two teamed up, our results were inconsistent.  Now the majority of our color matches are successful.

Addie (L) and Joslin (R)

Addie (L) and Joslin (R)

This service is an incredible value and just another example of what makes working with Syzygy so special.  To find out how our color matches work and just what a great a value it is, contact us the next time your client needs that color and tile that can’t be found anywhere else – except at Syzygy.

Dedicated !

We decided that we needed to BBQ for our last company meeting.  So we got out the barbeque grills and bought some hamburgers and told everyone that lunch was on the company.

Too bad no one told mother nature…

BBQ'ing in the rain and hail

Yes, it is hailing and raining

Welcome to The Syzygy Blog

Hello and welcome to the new Syzygy Tile Blog!

We’ve created this space to share with you the many adventures we have in making your tile.  We look forward to sharing our tips, caveats, adventures, mishaps and mischief with all of you.