Monthly Archives: July 2013

Custom Design

The secret’s getting out that Syzygy will make just about anything you can dream up.  Well, it isn’t a secret anymore.  Over the years we’ve produced a number of custom requests from the mundane to the exquisite and everything in between.  The care and pride we put into a modest toilet paper dispenser is equal to that of the elaborate decorations on a custom fireplace.  The truth is that we love the challenge and artistry involved in producing custom designs!

Recently we received an inquiry from a designer who had a client with a very specific request.  This client had an interest in Asian folklore.  He and his company were presented with an antique Japanese hammer and ever since business has been booming.  The client wanted tiles made with the image of the hammer on them and came with a drawing in hand.  Fortune clearly does smile on this client because the designer knew just who to turn to for this special project.  She sent us the drawing and the story and asked us what we could do.



We researched the lore surrounding Daikoku, a Japanese god associated with wealth and prosperity, and his hammer.  Our artist produced a drawing based on the image provided and inspired by our additional research.


Our first drawing didn’t exactly match what the client envisioned.  It did, however, open the client’s imagination to a much more detailed and three dimensional design than what he originally hoped for.  Further discussion and shared inspiration lead to the final approved drawing.


Then came the most difficult step for any client; waiting to see the finished work.  It was, without question, well worth the time, effort and patience – we think you will agree.



We love to know that we were able to realize the vision and bring such a personally significant element into this client’s home.  As a small, handmade tile maker we are able to do this regularly for people at a fraction of the cost that you would expect for a commissioned work of art.