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A tile for the Silver City Musuem

We were recently approached by the staff of the Silver City Museum and asked to produce a tile to commemorate the out-going President of the Board of Directors and her dedication to the organization.

The Museum provided us with a picture of the front of the historic building.  From this we created a one-of-a-kind tile.  After carving the wet clay and bisque firing the tile we had produced:

Silver City Museum Tile in bisque

Bisque Tile – Silver City Museum

Then began the glazing process.  With a tile like this, we have to balance the desire for lots of color with the requirements of glaze application, keeping the colors distinct and separate.  After two days of glaze application and a final firing we have an amazing tile that captures the essence of the Silver City Museum, cracked sidewalks and all.

Glazed Tile - Silver City Museum

Finished Silver City Museum Tile