Syzygy Tile was founded in 1993 by Lee Gruber and David del Junco

They began making tile in their home and eventually moved to the historic downtown district in Silver City, New Mexico. Syzygy tile is truly handmade in America, which gives it a distinct character. The designs are unique and the palette of 116 scrumptious colors are applied with a brush.  In 2018 Lee and David sold Syzygy to longtime employee Josh White and his wife Carolyn.

Syzygy tile is made from a red-bodied clay that is high fired.

The line is organized into 3 broad categories: field tiles, decorative tiles, and trim and finish tiles. Syzygy tile is available in a wide variety of sizes from 3/8"x3/8" to 12"x12". Tiles can be ordered in any of our 116 colors. One glaze, Mahogany Green, is only used on decorative tiles. All of our tile sizes are listed in the Syzygy wholesale price list.

Syzygy tile does not require special installation instructions or techniques.

Please refer to local building codes and standard best practices. Please see this link( for more information. We recommend sealing the tiles with a penetrating sealer designed for use on ceramic tile. Please see the sealer manufacturer's directions for application.

Syzygy tile is made to order.

We do not carry glazed stock. All tile should be ordered at once. We have great success in producing consistent add-on orders; however an exact match cannot be guaranteed.

The Syzygy tile line is a complete line of field tiles, as well as an extensive collection of decorative tiles.

Numerous trim and finish tiles are also available. We also welcome the opportunity to create custom colors and designs for you and your clients.

Syzygy is happy to send samples.  Client samples routinely ship out in less than a week.

Syzygy tile is rated for use in all residential applications as well as light commercial use.

Syzygy can be used as a wall, floor, or countertop tile. Syzygy tiles are suitable for use in showers, pools and fountains. Syzygy tile is frost proof.

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